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Introduction to Network Video Security

The video security industry has been in the process of transition from a mechanical, analog system of video recorded on VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) tapes to dynamic, digitized system of video stored on a network. The first stage of this evolution was the replacement of the VCR by the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The cameras were still analog but the storage device was digital.

Benefits of Video over Network

With ever-more-powerful networks, growing bandwidth capabilities and advances in video compression algorithms, delivering professional-level security solutions over IT infrastructures is a reality like never before.

Nuuo Titan NVR

Titan NVR is a Linux embedded enterprise solution for large single site or multi-site deployments. It utilizes File Ring recording engine which is optimized for storing and retrieving large amounts of megapixel video data. Titan is a true cross-platform system which supports over 50 brands and 1,310 models