System Design Services

System Design

Large-scale installation requires a thorough understanding of the security system as a whole as well as the details of each of the system components. Zebra Security understands every step of the complex installation process.

Zebra Security Design Team will assist you each step of the way. After consulting with you about your project, we will supply a complete Request For Bid (RFB) for you to submit to local competitors. The design includes allowed brands and system requirements, blueprints and site plans. Submitting such detailed instructions will allow you to get as many proposals as you feel necessary.

Most of the time, there is no need for the contractor to arrive to the installation site at all, saving both you and your possible security contractor valuable time.

Once the project takes off, we will inspect and confirm the installation is up to the necessary specifications and is completed in code compliance manner. When the project is finished we perform a thorough write off for the end contractor after confirming all the requirements have been completed in satisfactory manner.