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With the increasing use of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) in business and retail stores, a new possibility for improving business efficiency and eliminating user error and theft has emerged with the introduction of DeskCamera, a software solution for Windows OS which records the screen activity in live and transmit the signal as standard OnVIF compliant Network Camera.

Record desktop activities as video with most VMS/NVR systems

Desktop Camera software is based on ONVIF global standard which provides interoperability between IP-based security products regardless of manufacturer. It allows to watch and record desktop screen/webcam activities with any VMS/NVR software that supports ONVIF. The PC with installed software acts as any other physical IP cameras and streams the desktop and webcam as live video feeds.

Reduce CCTV setup cost

DeskCamera is a software only solution which aims to replace expensive hardware approaches used to monitor PC screen activities and operator background. No more hardware encoders and standalone Ip cameras required. DeskCamera can transform PC screen and webcam to a video feed from ONVIF camera.

Monitor Everything

The software can perform in cash terminals, banks, supermarkets, exam/certification centers, SCADA terminals, and any industry that uses a Windows PC as a point of service or information.

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