World’s Fastest Matching Speed

Facestation provides high performance face recognition by combining Suprema’s proprietary algorithm with its powerful dual-CPU matching engine. It delivers extremely fast matching speed up to 1:1,000 matches per second with exceptionally low error rate.

Adaptive IR Illumination Technology

Incorporating NIR(near-infrared) light control and advanced image analysis, FaceStation’s patented ‘Adaptive IR Illumination’ technology prevents unexpected image distortion such as saturation.

Live Face Detection Technology

FaceStation’s ‘Live Face Detection’ technology prevents possible fraud attempts by imitated face images. The technology is based on advanced analysis algorithm to distinguish unique characteristics in texture from human faces to various forms of counterfeit face images.

4.3″ Touchscreen LCD & Intuitive GUI

The ultra wide 4.3” WVGA touchscreen LCD provides the FaceStation with a robust heavy-duty user interface designed not only for extreme usage, but also for the precision and accuracy required in biometric access control and high-traffic time and attendance systems. The user friendly and intuitive GUI provides users with a quick and easy access to all the features and functions available within the unit.


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