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How to install client software on Windows computer to view GeoVision systems.

1. Login to the server using Internet Explorer

Address bar


2. once logged in you should see a warning that the web page is trying to install Active X plug-in to you computer, press Allow. The warning message will appear again, press Allow every time you see the warning.

Active X warnning

3. Once the plug-in installs the page will load correctly and you should see a screen similar to this:

logged In

4. in the left Sidebar press the Download button Download

5. The Download page will list the available applications for your server. Standard users will want to download both DMMultiView and Remote Viewlog. DMMultiview is the viewer you will use for Real Time monitoring and Remote ViewLog is the application used to search past recording events.

download table

Check the boxes matching to your screen resolution. if your exact resolution is not listed in the page make sure to select smaller resolution than your actual screen. (What is my screen resolution?)

Now press the Download button and the progress bar will start downloading. wait patiently as it download.

6. Once the page complete the download process the installer will start, follow the prompts using default options to complete the install.


7. You should now have a new icon added to your desktop, you can also start DMMultiView from Start > All programs > DMMultiView



8. use your user name and password to login to the server.


You should now be connected to the server and view the cameras in real time. To open the Remote ViewLog software press the magnifier icon remoteviewlog

9. When Remote Viewlog opens choose Remote View Log Service from the two options


 10. Another Login screen will open; use the server IP address and your login info, leave the Port field on default, and check the Save Password option.


You should now be connected to the Remote Viewlog Service and view old recording events. The next time you will login to Remote ViewLog your server IP address will be saved and you will not need to enter it again.