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Install Nuuo Remote Live View on Windows computer

1. Download and install Nuuo Remote Client Pack

For most installation you should accept all default installation options.

The software is available on Nuuo web site and here:

2. Configure Remote Live View software

From your Desktop or Start menu, open Nuuo Remote Live Viewer software.

3. Adding a Server NVR to your installation

To add a new server click the settings icon settings icon  then Settings menu and navigate to Server tab.

3a. Under Server Setting fill in your NVR information (Name, IP address, Port, Username, Password) 

       you may check Save Password  and Auto Login checkboxes to avoid re-entry every time you start the client. 

server tab

3b.  Press the TEST SERVER  button to check your settings, if everything is correct a success message will appear.

3c. Press ADD and the server information will be added to the installation.

3d. Press OK to close the settings dialog and return to main screen.

4. Connecting to your server

You should now see your newly added server listed below the Server List section of the software; Right-click on the server and select LOGIN SERVER from the menu. The Server icon will change its color to Green.

Right-click again on the server name and select  CONNECT ALL from the menu.


5. Changing Layout Views

To change the layout of the cameras on the screen press any of the preset icons.

Layout presets


Please note that each camera consume network bandwidth and CPU resources, it is recommended to exceed 9 cameras at a time.

 TipTIP: when viewing single view layout you can press on any camera under the server list and that camera will appear in the single view.

You have successfully added a server to your Nuuo Remote Live software, continue reading How to Add a Server to Nuuo PlayBack software.