Register Security

register security

Register Security (aka Text Overlay) is the ability to collect transaction details from a cash register, merge the text data with an associated camera and send the video with the text embedded to the recording device. The result is a video file that can be later searched and reviewed by the system owner containing both the transaction information and a visual image of the area.

The video file can help determine if the register employee made a mistake or if he or she charged the customer for a product other than the one purchased. Mistakes happen, but with this recent technology mistakes can be better prevented. Text Overlay device is the answer for these common retail problems and will save you time and those uncomfortable situations.

Though Text Overlay is simply another component in your Loss Prevention plan, some insurance companies require retail stores to have them installed as they turn out to be an unmatched proof of the actual transaction.

Point of Sale (POS) Text Overlay devices are available for most popular POS systems, however the device must be programmed for the specific Point Of Sale system.

Zebra Security can install a Text Overlay for your current POS system ranging from single POS station to 10 units under a single system, reducing your losses due to employee error or dishonest employee.