Security Camera Systems

security cameras

The vast experience of Zebra Security with security cameras installations has made us one of the leading companies in South Florida for surveillance and security systems. 

We have installed security systems in private homes, condominiums, small & large businesses, golf courses and government institutions.

Today's market has made the option of owning a camera system affordable for all. Every home, business and structure should have it. It deters vandalism and other criminal activity, and if it does occur it’ll be captured on film supplying evidence in courts of law and enabling the prosecution of offenders and violators. 

The ability to store video in high quality has made security cameras an invaluable aspect of almost any business, providing management the option to view what has happened in the faculty.

Though security camera systems can assist with cases of slip and fall, money exchange disputes and workers ethics, many businesses use camera system to monitor day-to-day operations.

Nowadays systems are much more sophisticated and have extensive features in comparison to previous years. Motion detection, smart video analytic, email/SMS alerts and remote storage of the video are just a few of the options available in a quality system when choosing Zebra Security.