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SL1100 Ring multiple phones then overflow


Check the following programs:

22-02 Incoming Call Trunk Setup

22-05 Incoming Trunk Ring Group Assignment

22-04 Incoming Ring Group Extension Assignment


To Overflow to In Mail voice mail system:

22-01 Incoming Call System Options

22-08 DIL/IRG No Answer Destination


Program 22-02:

When Trunks are defined as Normal you need to use programs 22-05 and 22-04 to create an Incoming Ring Group that matches the Trunks with the Extensions.


Program 22-05:

All the trunks are assigned by default to Incoming Ring Group 1 for all of the modes.


Program 22-04:

The first 8 Extensions are assigned by default to Incoming Ring Group 1 which means that if you don’t make any changes all 8 extensions will ring.


To Overflow to In Mail voice mail system you need to do the following:


1. You need to define how long you want the call to ring on the extensions from Group 1  before they overflow (22-01-04)

2. You need to tell the system where to overflow when that timer expires (22-08)


Program 22-01:

at default, 22-01-04 timer is set to 0 seconds which means the call will not overflow anywhere. changing this to 20 seconds will be approximately 4 rings before the call is routed.



Program 22-08:

Because we are working with Mode 1, change all trunks to Incoming Ring Group 102 which is the InMail system.