WiFi Networks

WiFi network

With the growing popularity of wireless devices many business and venues are now required to have a secure reliable wireless link throughout the facility.

Banks, Hotels and Manufacturing have been using Wireless Networks successfully for the last decade. When properly installed, a wireless network can improve business efficiency and reduce operations costs.

In manufacturing, Forklift operator data can be transmitted immediately to the server without requiring the driver to 'download' the data after each shipment.

Hotels can provide their guests with secure internet access allowing them to connect to their office VPNs or browse the web.

Zebra Security networking background can play to your advantage if your business requires wireless network as well. We can design a unified systems with unlimited amount of Access Points covering both short and long range facilities, indoor or outdoor.

The Access Points are combined together and wireless clients remains connected even when the device is moved to another section of the facility.

A single management interface allows the network administrator to manage and restart access points, update firmware and disconnect clients all from one simple, innovative software.

A client Portal can be created asking users to accept terms and conditions before they are granted authorization to use the network. Bandwidth can be controlled and capped and certain sites can be blocked. The possibilities are endless and when choosing Zebra Security to design and install your Wireless Network rest assured the solution we will provide will save you money and will improve your business operation.

Contact us today to speak to a network specialist regarding your new or upgraded Wireless Network. We'll be glad to help!


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