Long Range Wireless Network

Wireless Security

Some projects require security devices to be installed in remote locations such as parking lots or golf courses. These security devices can be network cameras, access control panels and readers for remote gates etc.

Traditionally, a trench ditch was required in order to run underground wiring to the location. More often than not, such trenches come with high price tags especially if the project involves passing walkways or asphalt roads. Prices can also be high if the trench runs for a long distance.

The solution to this situation is using Wi-Fi technology to transmit the data to the end point device.

Point-to-Point Long Range Wi-Fi operates over transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is installed next to the security device, usually on a high pole or tall building. On the other end of the network is the receiver which is installed near the managing or recording device.

A Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) network, also known as Mesh Network, is a collection of several transmitters and receivers that operate over a long distance where all the devices are capable of communicating with each other and balancing the load of the network between the units.

Zebra Security has pioneered the art of wireless transmission for distances of up to 3 miles and up to 300 MB/s. We can design and install a wireless system for any size of network and application requirement. Our vast experience in Network Engineering guarantees that your wireless network link will have the maximum possible up-time and the best performance for reliable delivery.